Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

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SampleFavorite T1115 NAVY
SampleFavorite T3143 INDIGO
SampleFavorite T9806 DENIM
SampleFavorite T1046 NAVY
SampleFavorite T1928 MARINE
SampleFavorite T1565 COBALT
SampleFavorite T5930 CELESTIAL
SampleFavorite T6358 NAVY
SampleFavorite T9179 OCEAN
SampleFavorite T6752 BLUE
SampleFavorite T1259 AEGEAN
SampleFavorite T9495 NICKEL
SampleFavorite T2161 AEGEAN
SampleFavorite T6232 AEGEAN
SampleFavorite T8928 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T2440 NAVY
SampleFavorite T9148 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T4875 OCEAN
SampleFavorite T1465 VERDIGRIS
SampleFavorite T7248 AEGEAN
SampleFavorite T4968 COBALT
SampleFavorite T6364 COBALT
SampleFavorite T3841 COBALT
SampleFavorite T9310 POOL
SampleFavorite T4737 NAVY
SampleFavorite T7518 COBALT
SampleFavorite T6226 CHAMBRAY
SampleFavorite T2717 STORM
SampleFavorite T7748 STORM
SampleFavorite T9346 STORM
SampleFavorite T9597 STORM
SampleFavorite T8956 MINERAL
SampleFavorite T1709 STORM
SampleFavorite T9325 SEASCAPE
SampleFavorite T7626 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T3456 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T2850 SAILOR
SampleFavorite T9049 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T7083 LAGOON
SampleFavorite D0380 S0514 ROBIN'S EGG
SampleFavorite D7012 SLATE