Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

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SampleFavorite T7748 STORM
SampleFavorite T9985 SAGE
SampleFavorite T2479 COPPER
SampleFavorite T6318 PEONY
SampleFavorite T8895 PEAR
SampleFavorite T6482 WINE
SampleFavorite T2761 GOLD
SampleFavorite T1260 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T2436 DOVE
SampleFavorite T9917 SAND
SampleFavorite T5015 BRASS
SampleFavorite T1785 WINE
SampleFavorite T9040 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T2702 PEWTER
SampleFavorite T9662 BALLET
SampleFavorite T1429 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T7473 MUSHROOM
SampleFavorite T9245 PEONY
SampleFavorite T2613 PASSION
SampleFavorite T3867 BALLET
SampleFavorite T8426 CHERRY
SampleFavorite T3474 SAGE
SampleFavorite T9346 STORM
SampleFavorite T7965 PEAR
SampleFavorite T8823 PEONY
SampleFavorite T7817 RAIN
SampleFavorite T9640 CHOCOLATE SUNRISE
SampleFavorite T8933 BRICK
SampleFavorite T3719 SCARLET
SampleFavorite T8958 COIN
SampleFavorite T2197 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T1987 COPPER
SampleFavorite T3943 PASSION
SampleFavorite T6465 COCOA
SampleFavorite T5757 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T7001 STONE
SampleFavorite T3592 MIST
SampleFavorite T3200 DOVE
SampleFavorite T9198 CHAMPAGNE
SampleFavorite T1754 SPICED HERBS
SampleFavorite T9135 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T1856 BASIL
SampleFavorite T4923 RUST
SampleFavorite T2288 FUCHSIA
SampleFavorite T8446 PEONY
SampleFavorite T1171 COCOA
SampleFavorite T6337 COIN
SampleFavorite T5826 EARTH
SampleFavorite T9672 CHAMPAGNE
SampleFavorite T4433 BRICK
SampleFavorite T5400 BRICK
SampleFavorite T2950 PASSION
SampleFavorite T9184 PLUM
SampleFavorite T9597 STORM
SampleFavorite T9491 CHERRY
SampleFavorite T1726 GREIGE
SampleFavorite T2656 PLUM
SampleFavorite T5621 SAND
SampleFavorite T4807 SAGE
SampleFavorite T7457 SAPPHIRE