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Car Interior Upholstery Fabric

Remember the days when you still need to flip through swatches and go from one store to another just to find the right car upholstery fabric? Those days are gone. KOVI Fabric is here to provide you the best solution when it comes to car interior fabric. Because of the wide collection that we have to offer, you would not have any problem finding the one that will match your needs. The only dilemma that you will experience is controlling your impulse to buy more than what you need because everything looks astounding.

Choose KOVI Fabrics for your car upholstery fabric

Do you need car upholstery fabric to replace the worn out ones? Are you simply aiming to jazz up the interior of your car? Regardless of your purpose, there is no other store to rely on but KOVI Fabric. We aim to make your journey to find the right car upholstery fabric or vinyl much faster and hassle-free. Browse through or collection and see which one will make your heart skip a beat. Then, place your order and in no time, the textile is ready for your use.

At KOVI Fabric, we understand that buying car upholstery fabric means getting high quality, durable, appealing and more importantly, affordable materials. Hence, we carefully selected every single type and color of automotive upholstery vinyl and recycled leather fabric that we have in store to ensure your satisfaction. Looking at your auto interior car seat, we have materials for fabric seats, cloth seats, and even leather seats.

When it comes to cleaning your auto interior like your car seat consider using the right upholstery cleaner. For cloth seats, fabric seats we recommend solution based cleaners or stain guard protection. For leather seats and faux leather vinyl fabric, we recommend leather treatments so you don't have to use an upholstery cleaner.

With our help, you can transform the interior of your beloved vehicle from plain to breath-taking with the right car interior fabric, vinyl or genuine leather. The best part is that, you can forget about spending a whopping amount of cash just to achieve this.

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