About KOVI Fabrics

Our Fabric

It starts and ends with the fabric: your project and our business.  Our business and the success of your project depend on the quality of the fabric we use so we find the highest quality fabrics we can.  You can pay more for upholstery fabric but you’re generally paying for a designer’s Italian villa rather than quality.  And you could pay less but quality may suffer.  In other words, aspects of the fabric may less than optimal: inferior raw materials, less than perfect finish, less durability…to name a few.  The labor involved to cover your furniture will be the same (or even higher as it can take more time to sew and install lower-quality fabrics) so it usually doesn’t pay to use lower priced fabrics in the end.  We choose our fabrics to be high quality while at the lowest possible cost to you.  By working with KOVI fabrics, you’re getting top-quality fabrics at a great price which helps you prolong the life of your great furniture.  That’s our goal in a nutshell.


Our Prices

KOVI designer upholstery fabrics are available exclusively online and only though this site so we don't have the overhead of expensive showrooms at exclusive design centers. This allows us to offer all of our quality fabrics at low list prices. It's our mission to create the most value for your dollar.


Our Tools

The pictures (that’s right, they’re actually high-resolution pictures of the actual fabric) are a key to discovering your new look.  You get to see what the fabric actually look like, especially when combined with the virtual furniture tool.  You’re depending somewhat on the color accuracy of your computer monitor, however we have samples upon request of all our fabrics. We’ve done our level best to eliminate the drawbacks on online shopping and improve upon the tradition physical showroom trials.


Our Service

We ship orders and samples within one business day of receipt….the same day if at all possible, depending on demand.  We strive to answer all questions immediately and if research or demand is high, certainly within hours or even minutes.  We want to keep your project moving forward and going as smoothly as possible.  We’re excited to hear about our customers’ plans and we’re happy to be a partner in the process.  We’ll strive to continuously improve our products and service to better serve our customers.


Highlights of our offering are

  • A tremendous array of designs to make sure we help you realize in real life what you’re vision is for your furniture.
  • Top quality upholstery fabrics
  • An easier, better facilitated design process with tools to discover the ideal fabric for your furniture’s upholstery…online CAN be better than real life.
  • Easy and fast fabric memo sample program
  • Customer support as our foremost priority…before AND after the sale
  • Best possible value for your dollar with direct pricing


The Result

We’ve designed KOVIfabrics.com to be the best place to buy upholstery fabrics, not only in the online space but in the physical world as well.


Customer Comments

Dining room chairs....
- Project by Robert -

The refinished sofa is awesome… so much so that one of our cats decided to ‘mark’ it as his own. We were lucky that it was covered a...
- Project by Rah -

 I have attached a “before” and “after” picture that illustrates how we used your fabric. Admittedly, the difference is v...
- Project by Ken -

Amazing teal chair and ottoman....
- Project by Barbara -

I cannot tell you how perfectly the fabric I purchased from you worked on the upholstery of our chair. We are delighted beyond belief. Quality fabric ...
- Project by Meg -

My sofa is beautiful in your fabric!!!...
- Project by Rachel -

My chair that I ordered the fabric for is finally finished. Here are the before and after pics. I am VERY happy with the fabric. Thank you!...
- Project by Christine -

Well it took over a month, but my project is complete and I LOVE it!!! Exactly what I wanted! Seat cushions were completed by a professional and pillo...
- Project by Adrianna -

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