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Our virtual fabric show room features over 500 fabrics designed for years of Outdoor use. Our collection of outdoor fabrics is designed and manufactured to be weather resistant and highly durable. With an extensive range of colors and patterns, your outdoor furniture will never look better. If this is the first time you've visited our online designer upholstery fabric showroom, please be sure to spend some time browsing through our elegant textiles. KOVI Fabric's interactive fabric showroom and its integrated tools allow you to quickly move through our collection. Embark on a journey of discovery to find the ultimate new look for your furniture and home.

Large selection of durable upholstery fabrics to choose from suitable for outdoor furniture upholstery.

If you've shopped for fabrics before, you know that there are places that specialize in a "price first" approach while others simply have light duty fabric at very low prices. And, depending on the application, the fabric may work fine. Given the labor cost or the amount of time you'll spend on you new upholstery, we can say with confidence that it will pay to use KOVI Fabrics high quality textiles in your project. Our highest available quality, direct price approach delivers tremendous value to you, our valued client. KOVI Fabrics wants you to be happy with your fabric over its lifetime, not just today and it's this principle that has allowed our firm to build a loyal following.