Premium quality

Quick Samples

We know time is of the essence in this industry so we pride ourselves on sending memo samples of any of our fabrics or genuine leather hides to you or directly to your client quickly.

Expert Service

Expert Service

Our fabric and leather experts are standing by 24/7 to help you select the perfect fabric for your project. We help you specify the perfect fabric for your project, stay current on lead times, pick color coordinates, get fabric specifications and much more.

Free Shipping

Trade Pricing and Referrals

In addition to free shipping, we also offer trade exclusive sales and volume discounts. As an added bonus, we will even refer clients looking for services in your area!

When you create a trade account you not only get to enjoy a wide range of industry perks, including wholesale discounts, you are also automatically registered with our proprietary trade directory KOVI Concierge. KOVI Concierge connects our users worldwide, with qualified upholstery and design professionals in their specific service area.

This means when you do business with KOVI you get twice or threefold the return on your investment. We appreciate and value your business. so to create an inclusive ecosystem that helps you to monetize your expertise is our continual focus and goal.

When it comes to fabric selection, KOVI Fabrics will send you or your client out samples directly to make sure that they are completely satisfied with their choice, before they commit. Upholstery can be a big buy and this helps to eliminate the liability and risk associated with an online purchase. The sample cost will then be deducted from the cost of the fabric when bought. And at the end of the day this will help you to create a seamless customer experience journey. One, that we are happy to be with you on.

Another perk, we just added, for design or upholstery professionals is to help promote your business and finished projects on our social media channels, which is completely complimentary. We also are open to project partnership requests, in which we sponsor a proposed project, by providing free fabric - so feel free to reach out. If it is something we can accommodate, we will.