green vinyl sofa

Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Vinyl upholstery fabric offers more than just impressive aesthetics. Now, finding the finest vinyl is way too easy because of the almost endless options in KOVI Fabric. Our store holds numerous types and designs for vinyl. We have also made our online store very user-friendly. So, you can start choosing among hundreds of options in a matter of a few clicks.

Vinyl upholstery fabric is an excellent option because of the multiple benefits that it can provide. First, there are far too many designs to choose from—plain or printed, subtle or boisterous colors, textured or smooth. Second, this material is very easy to maintain. Unlike other fabrics, vinyl is specifically made to easily repel dust and even liquid. Usually, all it takes is simple wiping and it is back to its tip-top condition. Third, the durability of vinyl can not be doubted. It lasts for many years and stays looking great for a long time too.

Taking vinyl upholstery fabric to a whole new level

At KOVI Fabric, we take the extra step to ensure that you will get a hold of the vinyl upholstery fabric which will match your needs. We got a wide array of designs from plain to fully texturized. Whether you are looking for the ones which mimic reptile skin or the ones with simple checkered design, we can definitely cater your needs.

We also make sure that you will get more than what you paid for. Now, elegant-looking and highly-durable vinyl is easy on the pocket. Our vinyl is perfect for any purpose, whether you are refurbishing your furnitures, decorating a room or providing padding for walls. We only offer the ones with excellent quality so you do not have to replace it any time soon. Check out the ones we offer in KOVI Fabric and you surely wouldn’t want to rely on any other vinyl upholstery fabric source.