Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

Your selection: Beige
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SampleFavorite T5744 MERLOT
SampleFavorite T1820 PEPPERCORN
SampleFavorite T6691 PEPPERCORN
SampleFavorite T8289 PARCHMENT
SampleFavorite T1517 TANGERINE
SampleFavorite T8292 PORCELAIN
SampleFavorite T8767 TOBACCO
SampleFavorite T8838 OATMEAL
SampleFavorite T5475 STONE
SampleFavorite T5385 NATURAL
SampleFavorite T8049 CHARCOAL
SampleFavorite T2637 NATURAL
SampleFavorite T6508 CHARCOAL
SampleFavorite T5413 OYSTER
SampleFavorite T9832 CREAM
SampleFavorite T6976 PARCHMENT
SampleFavorite T3418 CREAM
SampleFavorite T6388 PORCELAIN
SampleFavorite T4085 TOBACCO
SampleFavorite T9135 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T8840 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite T1322 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite T3527 NEUTRAL
SampleFavorite T3934 BROWN
SampleFavorite T4089 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T8848 LINEN
SampleFavorite T7203 OLIVEWOOD
SampleFavorite T9325 SEASCAPE
SampleFavorite T3674 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T7744 DANDELION
SampleFavorite T4011 CARDINAL
SampleFavorite T7626 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T3333 AMBER
SampleFavorite T1774 NEUTRAL
SampleFavorite T7422 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T2093 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T3966 FUDGE
SampleFavorite T3249 CALICO
SampleFavorite T9225 OATMEAL
SampleFavorite T3456 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T6533 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T7083 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T1095 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T1453 OATMEAL
SampleFavorite T2823 BEESWAX
SampleFavorite T8774 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T2267 OLIVEGROVE
SampleFavorite T7125 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T2844 OLIVEGROVE
SampleFavorite D8469 DRIFTWOOD