Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

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SampleFavorite T1519 MELON
SampleFavorite T7639 POPPY FIELD
SampleFavorite T8630 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T9648 CELESTIAL
SampleFavorite D4139 AUTUMN BERRY
SampleFavorite T4113 TEAL
SampleFavorite T8066 LEAF
SampleFavorite T4833 MOSS
SampleFavorite T2085 LIME
SampleFavorite T7520 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T4598 POPPY FIELD
SampleFavorite T2653 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T9134 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T8400 POPPY FIELD
SampleFavorite T1495 POPPY FIELD
SampleFavorite T6808 EMERALD
SampleFavorite T1465 VERDIGRIS
SampleFavorite T8009 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T7209 HIGHLAND
SampleFavorite T2636 CHARTREUSE
SampleFavorite T7343 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T3682 SAGE
SampleFavorite T3886 BASIL
SampleFavorite T9761 BASIL
SampleFavorite T8676 SAGE
SampleFavorite T8482 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T7367 PEAR
SampleFavorite T8906 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T7989 SAGE
SampleFavorite T9985 SAGE
SampleFavorite T8895 PEAR
SampleFavorite T3474 SAGE
SampleFavorite T7965 PEAR
SampleFavorite T2197 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T1856 BASIL
SampleFavorite T4807 SAGE
SampleFavorite T3479 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite T9720 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T1322 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite T3508 CAPER
SampleFavorite T6648 GINGER
SampleFavorite T4567 SAGE
SampleFavorite T4436 BASIL
SampleFavorite T7771 CAPER
SampleFavorite T1818 CAPER
SampleFavorite T4089 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T9390 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T6551 CAPER
SampleFavorite T4565 PEAR
SampleFavorite T8893 AQUA
SampleFavorite T6751 CAPER
SampleFavorite T7310 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T7668 WILLOW
SampleFavorite T3674 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T7686 JUNGLE
SampleFavorite T8974 CAPER
SampleFavorite T7626 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T4988 BASIL
SampleFavorite T5530 OLIVEWOOD
SampleFavorite T2911 WILLOW
SampleFavorite T7129 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T2093 GRAPEVINE