Decorative Trim, Tassel, Borders and Bands

Top Quality Fabric Trim, Tassel, Borders, Bands and other decorative items to put the perfect finishing touche on your project.

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SampleFavorite T2911 WILLOW
SampleFavorite T7339 CARDINAL
SampleFavorite T7129 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T2093 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T9735 SAGE
SampleFavorite T2707 PLUM
SampleFavorite T7221 CAMEL
SampleFavorite T3389 JAVA
SampleFavorite T4133 CRIMSON
SampleFavorite T3966 FUDGE
SampleFavorite T2324 CARDINAL
SampleFavorite T8346 BRICK
SampleFavorite T1840 SPICE
SampleFavorite T6892 BRONZE
SampleFavorite T3249 CALICO
SampleFavorite T9225 OATMEAL
SampleFavorite T6104 BERRY
SampleFavorite T4884 RUST
SampleFavorite T2538 CHOCOLATE
SampleFavorite T3456 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T3403 BEESWAX
SampleFavorite T9049 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T2697 AMETHYST
SampleFavorite T6533 SUEDE
SampleFavorite T5208 CAMEL
SampleFavorite T5537 KHAKI
SampleFavorite T7518 COBALT
SampleFavorite T8391 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite T7378 PLATINUM
SampleFavorite T2866 POPPY
SampleFavorite T9235 CORAL
SampleFavorite T2151 RAIN
SampleFavorite T7083 LAGOON
SampleFavorite T3731 HARVEST
SampleFavorite T1095 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T9349 PEPPERCORN
SampleFavorite T1492 BRICK
SampleFavorite T6331 GINGER
SampleFavorite T1453 OATMEAL
SampleFavorite T5858 TAPESTRY
SampleFavorite T6113 FUDGE
SampleFavorite T7459 WILLOW
SampleFavorite T2823 BEESWAX
SampleFavorite T8788 ROBINS EGG
SampleFavorite T8774 GRAPEVINE
SampleFavorite T7467 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T8313 BRICK
SampleFavorite T2833 BRICK
SampleFavorite T3250 DANDELION
SampleFavorite T2519 PERSIAN
SampleFavorite T1502 PEACOCK
SampleFavorite T2016 PARLOR
SampleFavorite T2267 OLIVEGROVE
SampleFavorite T7125 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T4960 BERRY
SampleFavorite T1183 EMERALD
SampleFavorite T4424 TABASCO
SampleFavorite T4419 COGNAC
SampleFavorite T5743 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T9152 TAPENADE
SampleFavorite T2063 CELERY
SampleFavorite T2844 OLIVEGROVE
SampleFavorite T9156 POPPY
SampleFavorite T7317 CARDINAL
SampleFavorite T5919 CELERY
SampleFavorite D8313 TIGER'S EYE
SampleFavorite D9033 RUBY
SampleFavorite D0380 S0514 ROBIN'S EGG